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1. Adventure Tourism

Promotion of Adventure cum Eco-tourism for the Gujarat State

The project was sponsored by Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited, Gujarat.
The project was aiming to identify the new potential adventure tourism in three areas viz, coastal, mountain and dessert areas. SEED did field visits, interviewed travel agents and interacted with the people to get the primary data. The document has identified the existing and possible areas for promotion, and proposed interknitted circuits incompassing the other tourism sites of heritage, religious, cultural, handicrafts etc. The report has documented the various tourism sites with the existing infrastructure logistic and proposed to strengthen the same to boost the tourism. The final report has proposed a total 21 circuits keeping adventure tourism as central theme. In each circuit, tourists are given options for 1 day, 2 days or 3 days travel plan, depending on their convenience.

2. Wetland Project

Status and conservation strategy to revive NaniKakral wetland ( Dandi Eco sensitive Zone ) under GANDHI project

The project was sponsored by Gujarat Ecology Commission, Gandhinagar.
The project was aiming to enlist the biodiversity status, analysis of the water and change of land use, affecting the wetland in a span of 20 years interval using remote sensing data and GIS application. For the study purpose, SEED engaged experts of GIS, biologist, socio economist to collect and analyze various facets of study. The study has given an exhaustive list of floral and faunal biodiversity. The report has also given a socio economic status of six surrounding villages, which have the dependency and stake on the wetland. For land use interpretation remote sensing data of wetland for 20 years were procured and laid on GIS platform for interpretation. Water samples and floral and faunal data were collected as per the defined grid. Water samples were analyzed by NABL accredited laboratory. The final document along with the biodiversity status also gives the land use changes over a period of 20 years. The final analysis and interpretation has led to propose the revival strategy of NaniKakaral wetland.


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