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We Are Sustainable Environmental & Ecological Development (SEED) Foundation.

Our Mission is to promote sustainable development of natural resources and ecological services to be bequeathed to future generations.

Ecosystem Conservation

Rural Development & Livelihood

Energy Conservation

Awareness & Training

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Wildlife Conservation

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Agriculture Finance Corporation and VIKAS Center of Devlopment Ahmedabad, India.

What we do?

The key area of SEED Foundation activities is to promote the sustainable activities in the area of management of natural resources and ecosystems by way of planning and implementation, to bring a holistic development and there by livelihood generation.

Save for a better future

We help people to understand and take actions to make this earth a wonderful place for living by helping them in Conservation of Environment and Ecosystem, so that they can manage the environment habitable and conserve it in a way that their grandchildren and great grandchildren will appreciate it.

How we help

We operate through planning and implementation of various programmes, which helps people to understand long term sustainable concept of development and conservation.
We endeavor to conserve the various facets of the environment, like air, soil, water, forests, wildlife to be managed in such a way which makes the earth a wonderful place for living people.

Your contribution will go long way to support the environment and ecosystem conservation for the noble cause of society.

Your contribution will help to promote local resources based rural development and livelihood.

We have worked in conservation of enviorment. This organization is a group of experts, who has worked in government sectors for conservation of nature and natural resources.


You can help lots of people by donating little.

Join Our Mission to Save Our Planet.